THE new Rental Law comes into force on May 12 to regulate the rental of private homes to tourists.


The objective is to get this ‘submerged industry’ out into the open and guarantee quality control for holidaymakers.
Town halls are asking property owners to register as near to that date as possible so that the property can be legally rented.
However the Malaga Delegation is going to be flexible and lenient with the registration and assured us that there is no need to panic.
The most common question we are asked is: How complicated is this registration procedure and how much will it cost?
To register your property, a completed hard copy of the Registration Form will need to be taken either to the Provincial Delegation of Sport and Tourism, or to your local town hall to forward on. In both cases, the First Occupancy Licence (Licencia de Primera Ocupacion) should also be presented if available. (If you don’t have this, you can ask your town hall to perform a search or they will tell you how to obtain one.)
Realistically, it will probably take a couple of months after presenting the form to receive an RTA number which will look similar to this: VTA/MA/ 025764.
There is no charge for registration and the property owner can complete and submit the form themselves. However as the process is all in Spanish and very time-consuming, you can also ask your lawyer, gestor or management company to do it for you. Fees range from around €150 to €350, depending on whom you engage.

Bear in mind that this is the new law and you cannot advertise your property for holiday rental without registering.