How to sell my property on Internet

In Parapar, we offer two solutions to sell your property on the internet.

  1. Publish an advert yourself and manage the requests and visits of your property yourself. Save the commission when you sell your property
  2. You can create an advert for as low as 8.50€ per month.

  3. Offer your property to our network of Real Estate Agents with the commitment of excellent service. We have agreements with a few real estate agencies that can sell your property in spain. Our collaborating agents are committed to offer you excellent service. Contact us now and we will send you our collaborating Parapar Real Estate Agent as soon as possible.

Buyers have advantages when buying from Parapar website. They can either save the commission by buying directly from the owners or when they buy from our Parapar Real Estate network, we will refund them a sum of money, click the folowing link for more information

Every day we have more visits on our portals of potential home buyers, everyday we strive to give more visibility to your properties and look for customers for you, so you can sell your property.

Our goal is to look for customers and provide top quality customer service.

How can i create an advert to sell my property?

You will need to register by clicking You will receive an email with your password to access My account section that you can find on the top of the page.

You can create the advert from your computer desktop or tablet or even your smartphone. We have made the proccess of creating advert very easy and quick for you.

Once in your private account, you will be able to create and modify the advert and the pictures as many time as you wish. You also will have information ot the statistics of your advert, how many time it has been seen and how many emails you received from potencial buyers. Your contact information is safe with us, potencial buyers will not have access to your Tel number or email, unless you write it yourself in the description text ( not recommended).

If you prefer we can create the advert for you for NO extra charge. We can create the advert for you to Sell your property Free of charge, do not hesitate to contact us if you need help to create your advert to sell my property in spain.

We are looking forward to help you.

All the Best

Xavier Sierra Lacam

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