How It Works

How it works
With all our packages we guarantee:
  • Freedom of contact between advertisers and private buyers
  • Complete control of negotiations between private parties
  • Maximum exposure via our portals and third parties; we do all the work!
  • Pricing of property by owner. No commissions so no inflation of final price
  • Automatic withdrawal of obsolete and expired listings
  • Property content reviewed before publication
  • Activation of the advert within 24 hours
  • Professional advice around all aspects of your advert
  • National and international promotion of your property
  • Upload 30 photographs and a link to a YouTube video of your property

Our aim is to help you sell your property, to achieve it we offer you two solutions:

1. Advertise your property on Parapar websites

This means you sell your property yourself and save by not paying the commission to any agent. Enquiries will come directly to you (phone or email) and you can arrange viewings with the potential buyers and negotiate with them yourself. This way you save thousands of euros as you don’t have to pay any commission when you sell. We do all the marketing - advertise your property in many websites and also social media networks, remarking campaigns, display banners adverts, Google Adwords and also newspapers.
Pay now 145€ included iva (vat) and nothing when you sell, your advert will be publish for the time needed, no time restrictions.

NB! If you really want your advert to stand out, we can offer professional photos and video service (available only for properties on the Costa del Sol). More info about this service click

During the course of your contract you will have access to all the benefits of selling or renting your house with Parapar. After reviewing the content of your advert we will publish it based on the package you've chosen.We regularly update and keep our websites and networks highly visible, constantly looking for ways to optimize our position and seek new portals for your promotion. Additionally, we invest heavily in Google Ads to ensure success in the search engines. You will be advised immediately of any interest in your property so that you can talk directly, with no intervention from us. We are only there to advise you on any queries you may have about the service. So straightforward!

2. Sell with a Parapar Real Estate Agents Network

Selling traditional way with no payment before sell is done! Sell through one of our Parapar Agent and they will list also your property on their website and promote your property. This way you will pay a commission. Agent will come to your house, take needed details, documentation, photos.
Pay nothing now but pay a commission when you sell.
Commission may vary depending on real estate agencies ..

Xavier Sierra Lacam

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