Tap Water Filter H2o Taps 

Mineral Water from your TAP 

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Good tasting & healthy tap water at home:
💧CUTTING-EDGE FILTER: H2o Taps Water Filters use state-of-the-art technology to obtain the highest quality. It can be used during 3 months. Characteristics: Filtration flow 6l / min. Suitable for kitchen and bathroom faucets.

💧EASY INSTALLATION: The H2o Taps water filter is suitable for the vast majority of faucets and sinks thanks to its 360 degree rotation. Out filter is easy to install and use since it has a switch that allows you to switch from the tap's direct water to the water filtered by the mechanism in a very simple way.

💧STAINLESS STEEL 304 FOOD GRADE: Our stainless steel water filter allows a long lasting performance against ABS plastic tap filters and prevents breakage, deformation or any type of corrosion. It is not toxic, no risk or leakage. Environmentally Friendly. Once you try the stainless filter you'll notice the difference right away.

💧SAVING AND EFFICIENCY: Our filters for faucets will allow you to increase your savings at home. Changing water bottles for a filter for taps will make you save up to 300 euros per year. In addition, you will contribute to the improvement of the environment since you will reduce your consumption of plastic.

💧HEALTH AND SAFETY EFFECT: Water filtration provides an optimal and odorless taste when drinking water at home. Quality water as the filter eliminates chlorine, chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals and contaminating bacteria. Unlike other filtration systems, this system does not produce wastewater, which makes them cheaper to use and more environmentally friendly.